Sam embodies depth, presence and devotion and believes that health and

well-being is developed through the cultivation of compassionate

conversation with the body-mind, spirit and heart.

She is an intuitive, exuberant and experienced practitioner 

with over 18yrs of teaching, facilitation and practice.

I find myself in a place I have not yet known before, on the precipice of a whole new way of Being, feeling both hesitant and courageous at the same time.   A liberating journey that has taken me to the depths of resistance, shadow, fear, insecurity, pain .. and NOW .. to a welcoming space of  eartHEARTearth  renewal here in this body.  I now walk with a new found sense of stability, trust, alignment and sovereign individuation.  I humbly share, that I’m not fully there yet,

but where is there, and so, I am here 

eartHEARTearth  is my foundation, the platform from which all new life births from.  A deeply rooted and connected state of being aligned to my heart-centric nature, walking with my wildling Spirit, outside of the shackles of conditioned culture and into the full expression of my bold hearted SoulSelf. 

This is an ongoing journey of discovery, reclaiming more of my SoulSelf

and who she reveals herSelf to be withIN all the different landscapes

I journey upon.  I am excited to learn and discover.

This is the space I wish to meet you from, to remind you of your innate connection, beyond what others have told you to be, or should be, but rather your Soul’s full expression embodied, taking up space here and now at this time of evolutionary change.  I am walking with you to support this profound shift in consciousness

and together we awaken our remembering, sharing in heart, anchored

to earth and in alignment to our own SoulSelf path.

From the Earth .. To the Heart .. For the Earth

This is my Medicine