This business for me has always been about supporting the

embodiment & empowerment of each woman & 
I love that I get to share my love
of oils & wellness as a job !

~ Samaya

I started using essential oils to support my own emotional wellbeing, I didn't think that I would be doing this as a business,
but when 
I started to feel the potent benefits of Young Living oils & how much they supported me I felt such a strong desire
to share them alongside all of the other work I do with Women !! 

I set my own work hours, how much I wish to pour in to it & it's mine, I choose how I share about my oils & the other incredible
Young Living products, because this is my business !! It's so easy to share about them because they are amazing & support
my little families wellness on so many levels & I get paid for something I'm so passionate about !!

When you sign up with me as your mentor, guide & lifelong bestie I grab your hand & walk with you every step of the way, 

but it's not just me, you are plugged in to the most incredible community of heart-centric women,

resources & support to guide you into the foundations of your very own business.

The beauty is you don't need to know all the things, I plug you in & everything unfolds for your from there !!

Young Livings compensation plan is so generous it's hard not to share !!
Yes, it takes time, we all move at our own pace, but these numbers are real..


'Feeling comfortable in one’s skin and perfectly at home in one’s element is

perhaps the most important dimension of happiness'​

~ Dr Paul Wong