Embodiment is the vessel that awakens us to life,

and so we inhabit, to fuel our hearts desire

for love to recognise itself.

~ Samaya

This body, this sacred vessel, this physical form is one of the greatest gifts given to us as Human.  

To embody is to truly inhabit, to take up space within the container of your own skin.  To honour, accept & celebrate

who you are.  This statement could not be more beautiful & challenging at the same time, as for most of us,

the journey to loving ourselves is often filled with judgements & criticism.  

What if in one moment you could flick the switch?  

Make a conscious choice to direct your own personal energy, thoughts & actions towards

full ownership, embodiment & celebration of your body, your heart & being?!

Wouldn’t that feel grand, magnificent & liberating?

I hear you say, if only it was that easy, all good things take time & unfortunately there is no magick pill,

but choosing to show up for yourself each day, to nurture & tend to the needs of this body from a place of

compassionate listening & care, could make all the difference don’t you think?  One step towards a

more empowering experience of Self is a journey worth taking & much more liberating

then 10 steps on  the familiar path of disempowerment.  

Let each of us now choose to breathe in this prayer,

I am devoted

to soaking up

all the moments 

big moments

small moments

those moments in between.

sensuality infused breathing.

making love with being.

~ Tania Hart

As conscious, heart centric beings, I believe our  revolution is to embody a different way, choose

a different way & listen to the wisdom of our deepest inner nature.  


This is my path, my service & my offering to you. 


'Feeling comfortable in one’s skin and perfectly at home in one’s element is

perhaps the most important dimension of happiness'​

~ Dr Paul Wong