Essential Oils

I’ve always been a nature girl, as a child I would sit in the garden for hours playing with the Snapdragon flowers,

looking through magnifying glasses at the bees & the ants & enjoying countless moments of

sensory overload from the sweetness of nature’s garden.

She has always mesmerised me with her capacity to provide me with all that I need.

For most of my life I have been listening & following the guidance of my garden, which herbs to eat,

to brew or to apply to my body for medicinal purposes, I think I have always wanted to

be a Herbal Witch, hee hee, but a nice one of course.

So as the years go by & I refine my tool kit of rituals for healing, health & wellness, I find myself

completely in love with Young Living & all of her nature filled delights.  I have enjoyed 

essential oils for a good 20 years now, different brands, qualities & scents, but now with

the wisdom of age comes a refined palate to what resonates most deeply with my core

values, for not only myself & my little family but for the greater good of our planet.


When I truly experienced the potency of quality essential oils, I realised that they are so much more then

just divine smells.   They are alchemy in a bottle, Wild Oils birthed from Mama Earth’s garden to support & serve

me to become more empowered in my choices for health, vitality & wellness on so many levels.  

Ritual, self care & self love are the foundations with which I meet myself on the daily & these 

wild oils have become an intrinsic part of my sensual vitality & aliveness

Emotional Support

Hormonal Support

Skin & Hair Support

Seasonal Wellness

Spiritual Connectedness

Nervous System Tonification

Presence & Awareness

Energetic expansion

Vibrational Healing

There is so much more I can share with you around quality and potency but really what

I am desiring is to support & guide like-hearted beings to become more aware, 

& empowered within this great journey of life.

I am deeply dedicated to guiding & supporting you in to a more

holistic, conscious & healthy approach to

embodied wellness & life.

This is the Magick


I like my products like I like my people,