Natural Living

The sanctuary of your Home  is really an external reflection of your own body temple.  

Do I take care, tend, support & nurture the space of my home to support & care for

my own inner Sanctuary?  I know when my home feels clean & clear, so do I &

so I choose to personally care for my home, like I care for myself.  


I try to eat mostly clean organic food, use only Plant-based beyond organic oils & products on my skin

& do my best to support my own body in the best way possible, so why would my home be any different?

If I am doing all these wonderful, life giving, empowering rituals for my own Self Care
& then making choices to use toxic chemical based products to clean my home,
then to me, that defeats the purpose completely.

I choose to empower myself & other like hearted beings 
to amplify their frequency/vibration on all levels

& this is what I would like to share with you here


I like my products like I like my people,