Self Care


A deeply nourishing, yet powerful purification practice.

A recalibration may happen during or after your practice, as the nervous system and neural pathways

align to a new way of being;  you may experience, shakiness, overwhelm, catharsis, light headedness or exhaustion.  

It is important to remember that this is nothing that the practice has ‘done to you’ but rather your body aligning

to receive new energetic codes to be in alignment with who you are now.  So please, listen, rest, be still,

breathe deeply, take ownership of it and allow the process to move you.  Ultimately what is on the other side

of any recalibration is more of You.   The resistance too, is painful and  tends to only perpetuate what it is

you're resisting, and so it is helpful to realise early on that resistance, is really resistance to oneSelf. 


A potent journey for sure and one I am here to support you with ~ whether it’s

an email, text or a personal session to support, I’m here.

Aum Shakti