Hawaiian Style Bodywork

In-depth consultation sets the tone for each session and what follows is unique to you.  

Your table session is an intuitive fusion of

rhythmical, therapeutic and fluid

oil-based massage, guided breath

and soul fuelled music.


Each session is woven with an awareness

of your core energetic system through the 5 elements and 7 main Chakras to support nervous system unwinding

and replenishment.



North Arm, NSW 

Paddinton, QLD



Phone  |  Skype  |  In-Person

Soulful Counsel is an opportunity to be met in presence to support a recalibration or shift within what may be presenting in your life at this time.  Soulful Counsel has always been 

a huge part of Sam’s work and so

she has chosen to honour this innate

capacity to support clients

at this time of change.



Embodiment Tonic 

Performed on a comfortable floor mat,  

this is a grounding and unwinding earth ritual

for the body and nervous system.  


A tonic that moves you INto the core

of your Being ~ be stretched, held,

squeezed and nurtured towards

greater alignment.

Fusion of Yoga, Zenthai Flow,
Polynesian Floor work



North Arm, NSW 

'Feeling comfortable in one’s skin and perfectly at home in one’s element is

perhaps the most important dimension of happiness'​

~ Dr Paul Wong