Soulful Counsel


Soulful Counsel offers a space for you to be fully seen and acknowledged in who you are in the moment.  This can be a welcome, yet confronting space for some Clients to meet themselves in, however, Sam holds a beautiful, clear

and insightful presence that invites you in to safe vulnerability, authenticity and alignment.  


Ultimately the invitation is to support you to recognise your own habitual behaviour, patterns, body language, chosen

expression and the energetics and truth moving through you in the moment.  Through this process a lightening or a shift often proceeds for which Sam then guides you through a simple embodiment practice for integration.  


If you have been a client in the past, you know how invaluable the consultation / counsel aspect of your session is

and often is the catalyst for significant internal shifts, even before laying down on the table.

Disclaimer: I am not a counsellor, however, I have been a Specialised Personal Development Facilitator for over 18 years, in which

counsel / talk therapy has been a major component of all services.  I am however, about to commence a

Transpersonal Counselling course in 2021)