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Starting your Journey with Young Living Essential Oils is one of the most empowering
Self Care & Wellness choices you can make for yourself, family & community.  

I am here to support & guide you along this journey

with any questions you might have.

Your options:

1/ - become a Retail Customer & enjoy 1-2 oils, you can order at any time

& purchase your oils at retail price.  Retail customers do not need

to order a Starter Bundle.

2/ - Become a Wholesale Member by purchasing a Starter Bundle.  

I always recommend the Premium Starter Bundle shown below as you get 60% off what you’d pay

for all of this incredible bundle individually.  It is by far the supercharged option

to get yourself started & sinking in to this delicious journey.

The second wholesale option is to do a Customised Enrolment order, which is basically choosing the oils,

items you like, but they need to add up to 100pv (points) in order to receive your wholesale discount.

Once you are a Member, you receive 24% off retail pricing always, as long as you place

an order once a year so that your account remains open !!

Wholesale customers are called “distributors” but please know that you are never obliged to sell oils, I simply want you to enjoy them, experience the incredible wellness benefits & live a happier & more connected life !! 


Over 90% of Young Living wholesale members don’t do the business side of it

& choose to simply enjoy them & this is my hope for you too !! 

When you become a wholesale member with me, you are immediately invited in to a divine community

of like hearted Souls with an abundance of resources, support, DIY recipes, love & so much more.

It is truly a joy to be a part of a community activating change in a

heartcentric & conscious way

















So now, without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to my sacred allies, my supporters,

 the Premium Crew

















These are the oils I enjoy on the daily, we use them aromatically, topically & internally.

The best part, these 12 oils come in one epic Premium Starter Bundle.

If only ‘Scratch & Sniff' was still around, you could breathe in their

hearty goodness from right where you are!

Yes, I’m an 80’s child.

Seriously, these little bottles of oil are way more then just divine smells,

they have the capacity to affect all body systems for optimal wellness.






The Starter Bundles

This little bundle of goodness is one of the quickest ways to start converting your health

& home in to a Conscious ’low-tox’ Sanctuary both inside & out.

Each bundle comes with 12 potent essential oils, but these oils can be used for so much more then diffusing or applying them topically to your body.  You can create your own DIY cleaning products, perfumes, air freshener and beauty serums.  

The beautiful diffuser is also an amazing way to transition from candles and incense to a more

sustainable and harmonious home environment that supports wellness.



This is a conscious space where like-hearted beings come together & share.  

I have a beautiful Little Tribe gathering already, those of us wishing to

collectively shift & embody a more high vibe nature but also

to learn & grow together in this wonderful playground

that is Nature's Farmacy.

If you’d like to join my Little Tribe & grab yourself these delicious ‘Beyond Organic’ essential oils,

then you can purchase them for the best value by far,

within a Premium Starter Bundle.


Conscious Living one step at a time ..



Join my Tribe & Order

Step 1  ~  Dive in and receive the amazing Starter Bundle


Click on the ‘Order your Oils’ button below.

Choose your Starter Bundle, but be sure to choose the specific diffuser that you would like ~ there are 5 different

ones to choose from. 

Step 2  ~  Join Essential Rewards 


YES ~ The Essential Rewards Program gives you loads of freebies, but it does require you to do a small order each month,

which is a pretty incredible way to transition towards a more Conscious ’low-tox’  body, home & life.  


We call it transfer buying, it's basically all the stuff you'd purchase anyway, but instead you make a conscious choice to buy products that are chemical free & infused with essential oils, because remember Young Living is so much more than

just oils; personal products, shampoo, conditioner, body lotions, make up & facial care, cleaning products,

detergents & so much more ♡


With Essential Rewards (ER), you can save and earn up to 25% back in rewards points & receive exclusive gifts for free each month too !!  The crazy good part is, you accrue points, they add up with each other, so once you get enough points, you can cash them in for even more freebies !! It's ridiculously good, but of course that's up to you 


Step 3: Choose your Essential Rewards Kit, this is your order for the following month.  Don’t worry, I didn’t know what

to order either, you won’t be charged for this now and you can come back and change what’s in your cart later.  

It’s just so the system is happy for now.  


Simply click on ‘Customise Monthly Order’ ~ Shop Catalogue ~ and for ease, click on ‘Lifestyle Collections’ and select the top product.  Remember this is just to ensure that you’re ticking the systems boxes, all you need to do is come back abit

later once you’ve had a good look through the catalogue and from here you can update your order to what

you would really like.. EASY.

{ { of course, you don't have to join ER, that's completely up to you lovely, so if that's your choice for now, please just

click NO & the NEXT button & you will be taken through to your personal details & check out, super easy } }


Step 4: Click 'Next' to complete your Enrolment! 

Step 5: Fill out all your details! Be sure to make note of your Username, Password and Pin! Select “Individual” for the Commission Processing Information (nothing major here) & agree to the Terms & Conditions.

Step 6: Practice meditation and deep breathing until your order arrives, because seriously, this will be one of the best choices you can make for yourself & your gonna be excited  ♡


Customised Order

Just wanting a few specific items to start your Conscious ‘low tox’ Journey?

You can create your own customised order !

Click HERE to view the product guide.


I like my products like I like my people,