Oily for the Feminine

I am wildly passionate about supporting women to navigate life from an integrated, vital & fully embodied place.
This journey is a returning to the heart of who you are, connected with your feminine intuition, empowerment,
sensitivity, strength & ability to walk in the world from a place of truth & knowing !!

I believe every woman is walking her own unique version of this & I am here to support, guide & mentor you in to a place of remembering.  This takes presence, patience & compassion & I am so excited to share it with you.

Essential oils have been an incredible support for me in navigating greater balance within my emotions, hormones,

& general sense of self.  When these aspects of wellness are tended to , when self care is activated & simple

rituals are integrated in to your days you will start to feel more grounded, calm

& alive within yourself once again.


There pretty much is an essential oil for everything, because these oils are straight from nature's garden,

for they are in fact plant medicine and there are so many ways that they can support you to navigate 

towards a greater sense of balance.


A few specific oils that I recommend for Feminine Balance are:

Progessence Phyto Plus
Lady Sclareol

Clary Sage

Dragon Time
Stress Away

These super potent Young Living Oils can support with:


Emotional Wellbeing

Hormonal Support

Skin & Hair Support

Spiritual Connectedness

Nervous System Tonification

Presence & Awareness

Energetic expansion

Vibrational Healing

There is so much more I can share with you around quality and potency but really what

I am desiring is to support & guide like-hearted beings to become more aware, 

& empowered within this great journey of life.

I am so deeply dedicated to guiding & supporting you in to a more

wholistic, feminine & healthy approach to

embodied wellness in your life.


I like my products like I like my people,