eartHEARTearth yoga is my movement medicine,

a devotional practice, my daily ritual to a deep knowing

reverence for this exquisite embodiment.  


  The practice lights the way Home for me, anchoring my connection,

to support the majestic wisdom of my heart.  With each

breath this expands my receptive awareness and my

place here in this body, on this earth.

From this place of deep gratitude for my journey,  

I feel passionate engagement with life itself

and all that it reveals.


My offerings are a devotion to this. 

Aum Shakti

eartHEARTearth yoga is a potent embodiment exploration..  

Together we explore multiple dimensions of Self through the gateways of the body and breath.

 Honouring and acknowledging the animal body, emotional body, tension, pain and 

resistance through fluid asana within the four main phases of this practice.

Uncoiling   |    Activation   |    Revealing   |    Returning 

As we explore the infinite interconnection of fluid motion, deep alignment and stillness we

immerse into our sensual aliveness and strength, awakening vitality.


Movement is the medicine that guides, activates, enlivens and heals. 

A purifying and nourishing journey for the awakening of Embodied

Alignment, Conscious Evolution and Healing.

Awareness is Alignment

I believe there is a sweet spot in between the space of observance and indulgence ~ a space yearning to be touched

by our awareness, a space that begs for authentic expression, not just an observation ofThis is a very

different engagement to that of indulgence, reaction or victimhood, but rather a compassionate

conversation with that which is moving through you; to breathe it, allow it and to move with it.. 

This is eartHEARTearth ~ allowing the delicious and diverse landscape of your Being to not

only take up space but to fulfil it’s longing to be realised !! 

This realisation is You, that you are not the sum of your parts,

but rather a rich and organic being flowing withIN the tides of Life. 

How you meet yourSelf, is up to you.

I wish to move those, who wish to be Moved

I invite you to embody activism in the highest form, an activist of your own right to exist within the

sensual aliveness of your own Body.  To be ALL that you are.   eartHEARTearth’s rooted foundations 

create a container from which you can explore this rich and diverse interior and to

allow a deep feeling resonance to move through you.

This is the Practice


We cultivate self love when we allow our most vulnerable

& powerful Selves to be deeply seen & known.

Brene Brown